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This post started out as a comment that I intend to post on Mark Watches later today, when Mark and his commenters discuss Princess Tutu episode 17 (Crime and Punishment).

I tracked down the source of a page of German text on a book Fakir reads in Ep. 17. Drosselmeyer didn't write it. Neither did the Princess Tutu screenwriters. When Fakir is in the library with Uzura, he's reading a book with the last pages torn out. I transcribed as much of the text as I could see below:

...für Erwachsene
...nd Fantasie. In Die unendliche
...Porsie als Medien der Selbst - und
...wirksame Moglichkeit. Realitat zu
...elseitigen Einflusses von Vorstellungs--
...an der altersgerechten
...Ziele orienterten Jugendliteratur...

Google Translate gives me the following almost-coherent translation, which I encourage any of you to supplement with better translations:

for adults ...
nd ... fantasy. In the infinite
Porsie media ... as the self - and
effective ... possibility. to reality
elseitigen influence of imagination ... -
on the age-appropriate ...
Goals ... orient Erten Youth Literature

What's that, you ask? Fakir is reading literary theory with the pages torn out. He's reading something about how children's literature connects to imagination, fantasy and reality. That's very interesting, Princess Tutu. Very interesting indeed....

But it's actually much more interesting than that, because I googled some of the complete words from the passage and look what turned up. I have copied in a paragraph from the linked webpage and bolded all of the words visible on the page of Fakir's library book.

Die unendliche Geschichte
OA 1979 Form Roman Epoche Postmoderne
Zentrales Thema des Jugendromans, der zum Kultbuch für Erwachsene avancierte, ist das Verhältnis von Realität und Fantasie. In Die unendliche Geschichte behaupten sich Kunst und Poesie als Medien der Selbst- und Welterfahrung, Fantasie erweist sich als wirksame Möglichkeit, Realität zu verändern. Die Thematisierung des wechselseitigen Einflusses von Vorstellungs- und Ideenwelten eröffnete der bis dahin vor allem an der altersgerechten Aufbereitung sozialer Themen und pädagogischer Ziele orientierten Jugendliteratur neue Perspektiven.

Google Translate's attempt at making (in)coherent English of this paragraph goes like this: The Neverending Story 1979 OA form Roman era postmodernism central theme of the youth novel, which became a cult book for adults, the relationship between reality and fantasy. In The Neverending Story, art and poetry as media say the self and the world of experience, imagination proves to be an effective way to change reality. In discussing the reciprocal influence of imagination and opened the worlds of ideas hitherto based primarily on the age-appropriate treatment of social themes and educational goals Jugendliteraturpreis new perspectives.

We are looking at the synopsis of Michael Ende's 1979 novel Die unendliche Geschichte (The Neverending Story), available on amazon.de. The Amazon page, if I am decoding the German correctly (I don't speak or read German; I'm using Google Translate and cognates), credits the synopsis to Das Buch der 1000 Büche (The Book of 1000 Books), edited (?) by Joachim Kaiser. The Book of 1000 Books seems to be a collection of summaries of canonically important German literature.

The Neverending Story is canonically important German literature about a young boy reading a book and finding that his reading experience changes the world within the story. It's about a young boy entering the world of story and changing that world.

So Fakir is reading a book about books, and a section about how Bastian Balthazar Bux demonstrates how young people reading children's literature can change reality.

I thought I knew how metatextual Princess Tutu could get. I was wrong.
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