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Thank you for all your e-mail etiquette suggestions, everyone.

I'm about to embark on another madly overscheduled week, but before I disappear into a pile of breeding photocopies, I'll share one flash video courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] inthemiddleblog:

Small Viking animals at the gay bar?
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I just encountered a page on IMDB that, I believe, considers and maps concepts related to the two keywords "Christ Allegory" and "Female Soldier".

I don't understand the map at all, but I do like the fact that it arranges on the same page the following narrative elemeccnts:

Based on toy.....Chosen one.....Courage.....Cross dressing.....Cult favorite
Dismemberment.....End of the world.....Gender disguise.....
Good versus evil
Miniature people.....Obscene finger gesture.....
Redemption.....Shakespeare references
Poetic justice.....Righteous rage.....Title spoken by character

I feel that one could extrapolate a full structuralist reading of the entire genre of film just from this one website -- I mean, the page that maps narrative elements, not IMDB as a whole.
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Appearing in my mailbox beside a student's paper question:

Thesis Writing
Custom Written Thesis By PhD
Writers. Installment Payment Option

I'll just let that speak for itself, I think.
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Readers alle, I beg of ye that ye reden nat simplyche Chauceres blog, but eek the comments thereto. Where else canst one finde conversacioun of such geekery as this?

"Pacient Griselde" writes, Ich am but a povre scoler of English, a yonge clerke, and thou been myn maist leevere auctor. Wol thou with mich slepen?

Nostre Geoffrey turns her down gently, thus: Such an swete proposicoun thou makest, but ich am a marryede man with childer, and thou art a yonge mayde, oon the faireste vnder sonne.

Cecilia Chaumpaigne (see 1380 on this timeline for more information) takes issue with Geoffrey's coy denials: Certes, Geffrey, I holde thyn wordes to Pacient Griselde ryght false and twa-faced when Ich consydre all that hath passyd entre vous y moi. Pleyeth not the dumb stoon, Geffrey. Thou knowest the thynge of which Y speke.

Geoffrey: Myne mainpernours haven advised me nat to make mencioun of anye of the detailles of the cas yn a public forum.

Where can I get an "ICH BELEEVE CECILIA" pin? Somehow, I don't see Chaucer putting one on his Zazzle store.
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[livejournal.com profile] newredshoes introduced me to something I did not know could be purchased on the Web.

I do not need a Plush Black Death. I have no use for a Plush Black Death. Of course I don't want a Plush Black Death.

...Isn't it cute?
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I should know by now to expect bizarre websites when doing a Google search on the phrase "Jews poisoning wells."

What? Why are you all looking at me that way? It's a perfectly reasonable thing to google when one studies medieval anti-Judaism!

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] angevin2 found the best footnote ever.

This message brought to you by the Last-Minute All-Nighter-Pulling Procrastinators of America.
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While innocently searching the Web for information regarding Thomas Aquinas' perspective on usury, I discovered the following piece of … analysis, courtesy of a discussion board at the Stormfront White Nationalist Community:

Usury is, in fact, as Ezra Pound wrote, against the law – of natural increase… just like sodomy.

The source can be found here: http:// www. storm front .org /archive/t-137903 Thomas_Aquinas _on_Usury .html. I have not linked directly, and have inserted spaces into the website address, in order to avoid raising the page's Google rank.

Interestingly, this particular page doesn't mention Jews at all, although other discussions of usury on the greater website do. I wonder if the writers assume that the connection between Jews and usury is known to all the site's readers. If so, the Stormfront authors would be making a neat little chain. Judaism, usury, the unnatural and sodomy all go together in one rejected category.

The other curious thing I found when, against my better judgment, I continued perusing the site, was a suggestion that Jews for Jesus are an evil proselytising cult … aimed at converting Christians to Judaism. Now, that's a new perspective. Link here: http:// www. storm front .org/ archive / t-152157 jewish_group_actively_recruiting .html


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