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The news from the CJLS (the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards, in charge of determining religious law for the rabbis of Judaism's Conservative Movement, in case you haven't been following along here) regarding same-sex marriages and ordination of gay and lesbian clergy is apparently no news. The committee asked the authors of the submitted opinions to revise their proposals; the issue will be treated again the next time the CJLS convenes in December.

ETA: The Forward has more details, including news of a recent change in the CJLS policies that requires 80% unanimity, instead of the more usual 24%, to approve legal opinions on "particularly momentous" issues (i.e., given the issues facing the Conservative Movement lately, gays, gays and gays!).

Edited again, on March 7, to add: Either the Forward article was unclear or I misread it. The New York Times article post-non-vote explains that only the most radical proposal on the table, which advocated a complete change (takanah) in Jewish law, would require an 80% vote to pass. The other three opinions only need the normal 24%.
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It's official and public: Next week, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards (CJLS), the group of rabbis in charge of examining Jewish law on behalf of the centrist Conservative Movement of Judaism, is voting on same-sex marriage and ordination of gay and lesbian rabbis. All of the opinions have been written; there's nothing left for the CJLS to do but vote on which one (or more) of them to accept as binding halacha (law, sort of).

Pray with me that the committee makes its choice with wisdom and mercy. (I'm also praying that the committee legalizes both same-sex marriage and ordination of gay clergy*, but I recognize that even on Livejournal not everyone shares my political opinions.)

*Edit, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] naomichana: ...in a halachically viable manner...
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In response to the latest news from the Vatican, [livejournal.com profile] cataptromancer has been writing Latin verse.

Sumus omnes peccatores
Humani viles et sunt mores -
Unde haec superbia
Quae te ad arcendos caros
Urget Dei cum ignaros
accipis in familia?

[We are all sinners, and human behavior is vile - whence this pride which drives you to exclude those dear to God and to accept into the family those who are ignorant of him?]


Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] deborah_judge, I have now watched the Battlestar Galactica miniseries. I did enjoy it. The Biblical imagery is very clear, and the conflicts between the human characters are fascinating. President Laura Roslin, especially, is a fully-formed character. I have to admit that I'm not fond of the Cylons, though. Six, especially, earned my loathing from the first moment her dyed-blonde hair appeared on the television screen. Something about the artificiality of her femininity repels me utterly. Before I figured out what her name was, I started calling her Vagina Dentata; that should totally be her name. It's so much more descriptive than Six.


My sister is coming tomorrow. In her honor, my apartment is nearly clean. Hopefully, it will be completely clean by the time her plane lands.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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Hallelujah; my computer is now back to nearly-working order! I should be around much more frequently in the next week than I was this week.

Meanwhile, according to the Times of London (by way of Arts and Letters Daily), there was a recent competition for the funniest and most offensive religious jokes. (The group running the contest, the Christian humor website* Ship of Fools, is apparently testing the boundaries of British legislation outlawing religious hate speech.) All of the jokes are available here. I found one (voted the sixth funniest) particularly amusing:

I don't think this is offensive to anyone, but it is a joke that does mention several religious groups, so I'll cut it )

*I stand corrected. After reading more of the website, I have discovered it is not a humor magazine per se, but rather, to quote its introduction page, "a magazine of Christian unrest." The journal editor says, "We're here for people who prefer disorganized religion to the organized kind." As a disorganized Jew, I can definitely approve of that.
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I don't understand the Christian Bible. Why does it have a book entitled "John" without a number as well as "1 John", "2 John" and "3 John"?


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