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I took an evening off from end-stage dissertating last weekend to read a novel, Mira Grant ([livejournal.com profile] seanan_mcguire)'s Deadline. I would now like to babble about conspiracy theories relating to Deadline, but I have explicitly told the person with whom I would normally babble about conspiracy theories not to read the book. (I liked the book very much. You might like the book too! It's just that my friend wouldn't like it, for reasons of her own.) Here, then, are my thoughts. Please note that this is not a book review. If you haven't read Feed and at least some portion of Deadline yet you probably shouldn't read past the cut.

The inverse of Chekhov's law is true:

In a well-designed mystery, the gun which goes off in the third act must be visibly displayed on the mantelpiece during Act 1.

This foreshadowing works best when viewers don't immediately recognize the implement as a gun.

A person or persons unknown is/are commanding the conspiracy in the Newsflesh trilogy. Who's the guilty party, and have we seen them before? I've been thinking...

I will avoid spoiling major end-of-book revelations in Deadline, but I will spoil developments in the middle of the book. I will not name my actual, current guesses about who might be guilty. I will, however, provide strong hints which eliminate all other candidates. Read at your own risk. )

If you want to talk about who you think might be guilty, or guess at my candidate(s) for X, or spoil developments after the middle of Deadline, please use ROT13 to encode any spoilers.


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