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Who just got to spend a day transcribing a Latin song about a prior and an abbot getting completely drunk and puking all over the flowers? I did!

Man, I love my job.

Libraries like the one I visited today do give me a chance to practice some of my more unusual hobbies, like staring at other people's books. A woman behind me was looking at a lovely one with huge full-page full-color fifteenth-century heraldic signs. I didn't have a chance to gawk at that one very long, though, because then I noticed a man about my age who was looking back and forth between the manuscript on foam pads on his desk and two modern printed copies of The Book of Margery Kempe. Fortunately I managed to contain my fangirl enthusiasm. The reading room was just not the place for it.

London's lovely, even if much warmer than advertised. I spent last night hanging out with the delightful [livejournal.com profile] gramarye1971. We discussed late twentieth-century Welsh politics, obscure pieces of paper, gratuitous foxes and the joys of geekery. Gramarye, by the way, as I was walking back from the station last night, I happened to pass the Quaker building. The Quaker building has iron gates. The pattern on the iron gates is a circle, quartered by a cross. I was scared.

Also, in the three years since I last stayed in this dormitory, it acquired Ethernet access. (In 2001 it had dialup, and one paid by the minute and through the nose.) The Ethernet access is working. This makes me happy.
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