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I am giving in and participating in the [community profile] invisible_ficathon this year. The writing requirement is only 500 words, and the available canons are so very interesting!

Dear Author,

Thank you for writing a story in one of these wonderful and underappreciated worlds! I always enjoy the kind of fanfic that matches the style of the canon and adds more to the canon. So if you want to write a missing scene or missing storyline from any of these canons, that would be welcome.

I also enjoy fannish rewriting of texts, where fans fix or call attention to problematic social issues in canons, where fans alter the ending or change the relationships from canon, etc. So if you want to rewrite or reimagine the little we have, you can do that too!

I prefer fanfic that isn't more explicit than the original canons. Stick with gen or teen ratings for most of these, but if you want to pile up bawdy double entendres in the Wife of Bath's Second Tale, go for it!

Individual requests:
The Swordsman Whose Name Was Not Death: Stella, Tyrian
I love Stella. Stella the brave, Stella the unabashedly sexual, Stella who gets herself pregnant by the swordsman Fabian and can't let the wicked Mangrove find out. Fabian himself, however, interests me less than the loyal Tyrian, who as Fabian's best friend is skeptical of Stella, but who falls in love with Stella despite himself... or herself. Because, in case you haven't seen the play version, you should know that Tyrian is a breeches role played by an actress, and all the ladies swoon over her anyway. Take a look at this smoking hot picture from the theatre archives. Got it? Good. Anyway, I know you love the novel and/or the play as much as I do, and you want to get in on this fandom. You could write Stella/always-a-girl Tyrian, or Stella/Tyrian without the genderswap. You could just write about Stella alone and brave, trapped in a hostile ballroom or a dangerous forest, and defending herself from Mangrove and his hunting cats. But don't write Stella/Fabian. I hate that ship.

The Horn of Joy - Matthew Maddox

Matthew Maddox's post-Civil War classic of American science fiction asks, Is ancestry enough reason for war? Can the love among connected families prevent war instead of causing war? It's not an unproblematic book, of course; some of the arguments about family line and its results anticipate eugenics, and the Native American characters verge on Noble Savage stereotypes. You might consider exploring or repairing these problematic elements. Is there a way to keep Madoc from being the white savior character, possibly by focusing on the People of the Wind instead of on Madoc and Gwydyr? Is there anything else you'd like to do to update the plot or expand the characterization?

I'd welcome meta here. If you want to write an essay about how and why Maddox gets his colonial American scenes from Nathaniel Hawthorne, or why Welsh-American colonialism is both the cause of war and the antidote to war, or the conflicts between pacifism and support for the Northern cause in the works of Matthew Maddox and his contemporary author and neighbor Josephine March Bhaer, go for it. Actually, why scholars haven't jumped on the connections between Maddox and March Bhaer before I don't know. Anything you write about the two of them would make me so happy I can't even tell you.

The Unwritten Canterbury Tales

So many options here. I'm providing a few ideas below, but honestly I'd welcome any fannish attention to these amazing stories.

I've always wanted other takes on the last five Fits of the Tale of Sir Thopas. You remember the parts I mean. Sir Thopas meets the Elf Queen, decides she's not really that attractive after all, forgets about her, completely fails to defeat a dragon while singing off-key ballads about Sir Beowulf of Geatland... right, those parts. Write me more about them. Do you want to provide all twenty-seven verses of Sir Thopas's Ballad of Sir Beowulf, since I've always thought it was massively unfair that the Host cuts Chaucer off in verse six? What did the Elf Queen think of Sir Thopas, since Thopas himself is far too self-centered to show us her perspective? Crossovers would be welcome. Don't you think Sir Thopas should meet Sir Robin-the-not-so-brave and his minstrels from Monty Python?

The Wife of Bath's Second Tale is obviously asking for a twenty-first-century gender-studies-inflected rewriting, and so is the Pardoner's Second Tale. Some queer revisionings of these well-studied narratives would be fantastic. You know that bit in the Wife's Second Tale where the two adulterous wives meet each other and figure out that they've actually been sleeping with each other's husbands, even though their own husbands were swearing eternal fidelity to them? I've always thought that Lucrece and Pampyne should have gotten their revenge by hooking up with each other next, and then ingeniously managing to keep the husbands from finding out. Bring the f/f to the fabliau, my friend!

Or write whatever you want to write. I'll be thrilled to see it.

The Pony Party - Loney M. Setnick

Don't you just love cute little well-behaved ponies who like to drink tea from their tea troughs and enjoy a good frosted cake made out of hay? Don't you love the extraordinarily fortunate children who ride these ponies while carrying bunches of brightly-colored balloons? I know you do. I know you definitely aren't writing in this fandom because you like to send coded messages. Nobody would think to leave messages for other members of an important secret organization on an Internet fanfiction board. That would be an awful plan, and anyway, you're here for the ponies. You love ponies. I love ponies too. And balloons. And sparkles. And Very Frosted Delights. Verbum sapienti satis est, which is a Latin phrase that here means, "I'm not saying anything interesting. Why would you think I was?"

Again, optional details are optional, thank you for reading, and I'm sure I will enjoy whatever you write!
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